Wellness Benefits

Promoting Better Health

Employers may sponsor wellness programs as a means to promote better health and higher morale among employees, with the hope that helping employees to embrace a culture of health will lead to higher productivity with lower health-related costs.

Wellness plans may be included in health insurance programs, or they may stand alone. These plans may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • – Tobacco cessation, exercise, weight management, or behavior modification programs.
  • – Health risk assessments.
  • – High blood pressure or cholesterol screenings.
  • – Health education.
  • – Subsidized health club memberships.

While participation in wellness programs is voluntary, employers may offer incentives for participation or even disincentives for nonparticipation.

Wellness Incentives

When your employees are out sick, you lose valuable production time, and that means lost revenue. Rising costs of healthcare coverage require employers to take a long-term view on improving employee health, not just for immediate revenue loss but for future healthcare concerns.

Effective wellness incentive programs empower your employees to engage in and sustain healthy behaviors while decreasing healthcare costs.

We can work with your organization to develop programs that:

  • – Automatically reward participation
  • – Increase health-related behaviors and activities
  • – Drive engagement through better well-being
  • – Help employees focus on their health and lead an active lifestyle