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For decades we have been taking an honest an innovative approach to providing winning employee benefit strategies that aid employers with cost efficiency and recruiting. With a focus on education our concepts reduce health insurance and benefit costs while creating strategies that stabilize them permanently. By educating employers one employee at a time our solutions increase ROI and employee satisfaction. Our approach is designed specifically for each of our clients through extensive review of their business goals and a dedication to developing long lasting relationships.

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Madeline Levy

I am writing to you regarding an employee David Kaye who helped me pick a healthcare plan today. Picking a healthcare plan has always been extremely confusing and daunting to me. David Kaye explained so clearly and concisely each aspect of the plan, in a patient and intelligent manner. He did not seem rushed, or annoyed like many people do. He answered each question I had and seemed to genuinely care if I understood the information! Not to mention he was so funny and entertaining that I actually enjoyed picking my insurance plan! That is something I never thought I Continue Reading

Brooklyn Women's & Family Counseling Employee February 5, 2020